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Biden Harris State Sticker

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  • Sticker Sizes - D.C.: 3"x2.37" AL: 3"x1.98" MT: 3"1.78" AK: 3"x1.66" NE: 3"x1.46" AZ: 3"x2.62" NV: 3"x2" AR: 3"x2.67" NH: 3"x1.57" CA: 3"x2.64" NJ: 3"x1.65" CO: 3"x2.35" NM: 3"x2.7" CT: 3"x2.27" NY: 3"x2" DE: 3"x1.36" NC: 3"x1.11" FL: 3"x2.88" ND: 3"x1.86" GA: 3"x2.68" OH: 3"x2.64" HI: 3"x1.8" OK: 3"x1.48" ID: 3"x2" OR: 3"x2.27" IL: 3"x1.73" PA: 3"x1.78" IN: 3"x1.94" RI: 3"x2.37" IO: 3"x1.97" SC: 3"x2.34" KS: 3"x1.6" SD: 3"x1.91" KY: 3"x1.43" TN: 3"x0.87" LA: 3"x2.73" TX: 3"x2.92" ME: 3"x2.17" UT: 3"x2.4" MD: 3"x1.65" VT: 3"x1.86" MA: 3"x1.9" VA: 3"x1.4" MI: 3"x3" WA: 3"x2" MN: 3"x2.9" WV: 3"x2.58" MS: 3"x1.8" WI: 3"x2.8" MO: 3"x2.72" WY: 3"x2.33"

  • Please include your STATE CHOICE in the box above.

  • Printed on weatherproof matte paper which feels soft to the touch and will last well on a majority of surfaces. 

  • It is not recommended that you put them through the dishwasher or scrub the surface. 

  • Perfect for adding to your water bottles, planners, laptops and phones. 

  • Please note that the color of the print will vary from screen to in person. 

  • Bulk orders welcome - send me a message and we can work out the details!  

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